Downloading results to a computer
You can use your meter with OneTouch® Management Software for storing your records and to help you spot patterns for planning meals, exercise, and medication. OneTouch® Management Software puts information downloaded from the meter into charts and graphs.

  1. Obtain the required software and cable
    To order your free OneTouch® Management Software Kit register online or call the OneTouch® Customer Care Line on 1800 543 372.
  2. Install the software on a computer
  3. Get ready to transfer readings
    Connect the OneTouch® Interface Cable to the USB port on your computer. Make sure the meter is turned off then connect the other end of the OneTouch® Interface Cable to the meter data port.
  4. Transfer data
    Follow the instructions provided with OneTouch® Management Software to download the results from the meter.

For more information and FAQ’s on the Software, please visit the Technical Support page

WARNING: To avoid a possible shock, Do not insert a test strip when the meter is connected to a computer with the OneTouch® Interface Cable.

Download a copy of the OneTouch® Logbook [PDF]



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